20 Best Virtual Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

A virtual water cooler, if you will, where members can engage in chit-chat or discuss light topics when they’re not working on their next milestone. It’s rarely enough to just have a general topic that you want to discuss over 30 minutes and just wing it once the meeting starts. If you’re the one in charge of the meeting, you’re responsible for coming up with an agenda detailing the major talking points you want to hit. TeamViewer gives us a foundation in the virtual world to compete for race wins and make sure our drivers have the best possible support when it matters most. Commute times are eliminated, so team members benefit from more flexibility and freedom.

What is the best way to collaborate well with remote team?

  • Communication. Effective communication is the key to enhance remote team collaboration.
  • Clear Goals and Objectives.
  • Support Each Other.
  • Maintain Transparency.
  • Virtual Team Building Activities.

TeamViewer is a remote collaboration software designed to support teams when collaborating online. The focus is on borderless communication between team members and business partners worldwide. In a remote environment, team-building practices should include regular live check-ins over the phone or video conferencing. The focus of conversations should be a mixture of professional and personal topics. It’s important to note how people are feeling about their work as well as other aspects of their lives. Team building is another key element in facilitating highly productive and effective teams and professional outputs.


When collaborating on certain tasks, there is a given amount of urgency depending on the project, and this will always affect how your team works together. By doing this, global teams can remain connected and collaborate despite the challenges posed by remote workspaces. Communicating generally isn’t the only way that teams can be successful in remote collaboration. Communication is a vital aspect of remote collaboration because it’s one of the biggest differences between in-person and virtual workspaces. Because there’s such a big gap, there needs to be a new set of communication practices that teams use to boost their productivity and efficiency.


In addition, the platform integrates with Skype & Slack, & users can start video calls with a single click. SuperTeam automates users’ workflows by quickly & securely connecting their most important productivity tools & the team that uses them via email. Team members can be guided & given valuable feedback through understanding key team behaviours, workflow patterns, & critical lines of communication.

Key Factors of Remote Collaboration

Would your boss see your late night email and consider it to be an intrusion on her private remote collaboration? While we may have become used to these types of asynchronous interactions, they can still conflict with our normal rules for social interaction. Lacking an immediate response, we can become distracted, second-guess ourselves, or even grow frustrated with our teams. When working remotely, it’s important to set clear goals and expectations from the outset. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows what they need to do in order to be successful. By setting these guidelines upfront, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and that communication is smooth sailing from start to finish.

The teams who embrace remote work are winning by broadening their talent pool while providing an attractive work arrangement. You and your team will thrive when you play to your strengths and get your key priorities done. Whether you are remote or in an office you need to guard your time and work with a purpose. Regular meetings also provide a chance to voice any concerns or roadblocks in progress. While you don’t want meetings for the sake of meetings, a rhythm of collaboration keeps everyone on the same page with big picture objectives and the purpose of their work. When managing hybrid teams, all members must have a clear sense of what they should be doing at any given time.

How to Collaborate Productively When Your Team is Remote

This cloud storage system has API that makes is useful for remote collaborators. It allows for sharing big files – powerpoint, photoshop, sketch with anyone. This software allows you to streamline your entire workflow and collaborate with your team members, making it a perfect fit for remote working, too.

  • This could be planned activities, dedicated channels, or structured weeks to provide time off.
  • Creating flowcharts can help diagram common workflows or problem-solving processes so people can visualize these processes whenever they need.
  • However, as more businesses continue to work virtually due to COVID-19, it’s essential for managers to learn how to collaborate effectively if your team is remote.
  • However, if your company belongs to one of those that can, we have compiled some of the tools that you need to get started.
  • We are all unique, but our consistent behaviors help others predict what we do, and in turn help them to understand us — and we all benefit from being understood.
  • It provides an easy interface for managers, executives, and team members.

Don’t make assumptions about what does or doesn’t work — always gut check by talking with your team. Any team with additional complexities added to the team structure, such as being bigger or being spread across a few functions, can benefit from extra attention to team collaboration. The more complex the team structure, the more space there is for potential barriers to team collaboration. When your team members know how to work together and understand where everyone is coming from, there is more trust in the work environment.

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